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♥since you are so (kind|nasty) i shall give you a gift♥

everything can be divided into art and history.

Savannah the Psycho Faerie
28 October 1985
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i'm living in a fairytale.

in my heart i believe in love, but i believe the most likely place for love to lead you is sorrow.

i believe in grey areas. shades of sorrow. smiles and secrets never to be told.

i believe in truth and fairness, but i know that fairness is a different thing from equality, that getting exactly what you deserve can be a horrible thing.

i know that truth can cut like a sword, through soft things like lies and injustice and hearts.

i believe in truth, but that does not stop me from lying.

i want to bring magic and stories out of the realm of children's things.

this book is some lies and some truth i am telling, some sacrafices i am making to get there.

i hope you enjoy it.

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