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Savannah the Psycho Faerie

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the withe wife [24 Dec 2006|04:36pm]
[ mood | sick ]

concerning love and love spells- people will not want to talk to you about them, will give you all kinds of mis-information and insist they are impossible. these people are both right and wrong. the truth is there are no spells that can manufacture true love, but it is also true that true love is MUCH rarer than most people think it is. there are many kinds of love that humans feel, obsessive, envious, platonic, symbolic, lustful, or simply companionship in the face of great lonliness of spirit: all of these are mistaken for true love and often the people are very happy together as a result. and all of these can, with great difficulty, be manufactured.

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i remember you [03 Aug 2006|11:18pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl. he loved her, but he didn't know how to tell her. she loved him, too. but both of them were too shy to say so... so for a time they went on, dancing around one another, having highly significant conversations in which nothing meaningful was said. and then one day...

the girl did not come to school. he missed her immeadiately, she was not in her seat. around midday the the pricipal came on the p.a. system and called for a moment of silence. he said that the girl the boy once loved had taken her own life that night, that she was in our thoughts, and prayers. the girl had not killed herself for love of the boy, there were other problems.

but when he went to her funeral, one of her friends told him, "she had such a crush on you..." and he had been shaken by it, what if he could have changed her mind?

he started wondering about life after death. spiritualism. it facinated him, the unknowns. the concept of the soul continuing after death, ghosts, gods, and magic became his life because of one moment that never occured, one memory

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cinderella [07 Jul 2006|08:39pm]
[ mood | numb ]

her name isn't cinderella. that won't come until much later... til the vouge magazine covergirl spread, 'til the whole world knows her name.

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